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                              Product Detail

                              Series F10008
                              Package diameter
                              Operating Direction Horizontal
                              Bushing material
                              Number of Gangs
                              Power-linear 0.25W
                              Power-audio 0.125W
                              Life cycle 50K
                              Switch Option
                              Detent Option N/A
                              Element 1-2
                              Temperature ppm/℃
                              Shaft material
                              Life cycle
                              Operating type
                              Power rating
                              Travel(mm) 100
                              Lever length 13.5/14.5
                              Specification Document download

                              1.Metal housing.

                              2.Excellent operational feel from less lever wobble.

                              3.Maximum attenuation of over 110dB(compatible to total resistance value of over 10kΩ)   

                              4.Metal slide rod type.

                              Electrical characteristics
                              Total Resistance  1KΩ~1MΩ
                              Total Resistance Tolerance  500 Ω
                              Resistance Taper  A, B, C
                              Withstand Voltage  1 minute at AC 300V
                              Insulated Resistance  More than 100MΩ at DC 250V 
                              Sliding Noise  Less than 100mV
                              Residual Resistance  Term .1~2: Less than 10Ω; Term .2~3: Less than 30Ω
                              Gang Error (Dual Unit) - 40dB~0dB±3dB
                              Max operating Voltage  DC 20V
                              Rated Power  Linear Taper B: 0.25W;Other Tapers: 0.125W
                              Mechanical characteristics
                              Slide Travel  100mm
                              Slide torque  Less than 30gf
                              Stopper Strength  10Kgf.cm (from the base level to a point of 2mm)
                              Level Wobble  2(2xL)/25mm Max. (L: Level length both sides)
                              Level Push-Pull Strength  5.0Kgf Min at 10Sec.
                              Slide Life  50,000 Cycles Min


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