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                              Product Detail

                              Series F05G
                              Package diameter
                              Operating Direction Horizontal
                              Bushing material
                              Number of Gangs
                              Power-linear 0.1W Max
                              Power-audio 0.05W Max
                              Life cycle 5K
                              Switch Option
                              Detent Option Y
                              Element 1-2
                              Temperature ppm/℃
                              Shaft material
                              Life cycle
                              Operating type
                              Power rating
                              Travel(mm) 4/5/10/20
                              Lever length 1.5/2/2.2/10/12
                              Specification Document download

                              1.Carbon element.

                              2.Microminiature type.

                              3.PCB base plate with copper.

                              Electrical characteristics
                              Total Resistance  500Ω~50KΩ
                              Total Resistance Tolerance  ± 20%
                              Resistance Taper  A, B
                              Withstand Voltage  1 minute at AC 100V
                              Insulated Resistance  More than 50MΩat DC 100V Sliding Noise; Less than 100mV
                              Residual Resistance  Term.1~2: Less than 10Ω; Term.2~3: Less than 10Ω
                              Gang Error (Dual Unit) - 40dB~0dB±3dB
                              Rated Voltage  B Taper: 50V~200V
                              Rated Power (Single Unit/Dual Unit)  0.01W~0.05W
                              Mechanical characteristics
                              Slide Torque  5gf~90gf
                              Click torque  30gf~160gf
                              Stopper Strength  2.5Kgf Min (from the base level to a point of 2 mm)
                              Level Wobble  2 (2XL)/25mm Max (L: Level length both sides) 
                              Level Push-Pull Strength  1.0Kgf Min at 10Sec.
                              Rotational Life  5,000 Cycles Min

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