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                                                Company Profile 

                              Customer Service

                              Enterprise Culture 


                              Business mission:
                              Customer’s success is our success.
                              Perfect Products, Best Service, Promote E-Concepts.
                              Honorable, Respectable, Responsible.
                              Quality Policy:
                              Keep Improving, Quality Assurance

                              The management create the value, the quality change the world.

                              The earnest practicality to serve customer, study and research the innovation feedback society.

                              The PS environmental protection organization has been setup. Promotes environmental protections with our efforts through the business activities, saving resources and reducing wastes.

                              In order to protect human health and environmental quality, we here certify that all products supplied from us are complied with EC Rohs directives requirements. If there is any violation against above announcement, we will be responsible for the cost incurred.


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